Issues editing data

Hello everybody, greets from Germany. I have problems editing data.

We count inventory after a sales day in 9 different sales points. I am currently doing it in a data grid component, because I am not able to create a better form with number entry. When I use the edit action, it only allows editing data for the first item. It must get easier than in the data grid, the app will be used by seniors as well, who told me it is easy to do mistakes in the data grid. Thanks for your time and any help!

Where is the edit action being applied? If it’s a data grid, then there isn’t an option to apply actions to individual rows within the data grid. If it’s a list type of collection, and if it’s on the item click within the collection, then you should be able to open an edit screen for each row that’s clicked on. Not just the first row in the table.

If you want to edit multiple rows on one screen, then I would suggest using a custom collection with entry components in the collection container. It will be more user friendly compared to the data grid.


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