Unsure what's happening here


I’m making an app that adds up House points. It all works well except I decided to ‘re-set’ the points to zero by deleting all the data in the form’s destination sheet. This cleared the points but now points are no longer being added to that sheet when I add them on the app. But… it still works?! I have sheets that take data from the destination sheet (called ‘Awards Log’), and they are still updating via formulas that directly link a sheet that never has any data. How is this possible?

The data sheet within the app set up still gets the points when added.

Thank you for your help


I bet those records are at the way bottom of the sheet. Scroll down to row 1000 or so.


Aaaannnd there they go. Thank you so much, feeling a bit silly right now

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Don’t be, this is something that happens occasionally with Glide & Google Sheets. Welcome to the community @Dan76!

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@JackVaughan So better use Glide table?

Thanks for the tip, don’t know how tables work but will have a look.