Unlink Inline list

So I have three inline lists that are grouped differently by category.
But every time I add some element to one of the inline list , it is added to the others.

There is a way to unlink them? In other words, make them independent of each other ?

Thank you

The short answer is no, you can’t unlink them. Detail screens, when navigating from any top level, such as a list, will always have the detail layout firmly attached to source table. Since all three of your lists share the same table source, then the details layout will be the same for all three.

You would either have to separate your table into individual tables, based on each category, or have a column that brings the selected category into that single table. Then you can conditionally show and hide certain components with visibility settings based on the chosen category. In reality, you wouldn’t even have to bring that chosen category into the single table. You could just set your component visibility based on the category of each food item.


Actually, couldn’t they just change the action on the Inline Lists to do a Show New Screen → This Item?
Then they could build out a separate details screen for each list.

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I wanted to add an element only to every pizza , so I thought: Why can’t I just set the visibility option to show only when the category is pizza. And it worked!

So thank you nonetheless for the answers😊

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