Link a button to a previously built component

I built an inline list with multiple cards that are all independent of one another. In another inline list (on a completely separate sheet), I have a button that I need to use to link back to that specific list. I REALLY don’t want to have to duplicate my efforts and rebuild the entire component again… is there a way to link back to my list??

Thank you!

There’s no way. Only the row-wise setup will stick as far as I aware.

I think the only way that could technically work would be if your original card list was already within the details of another list. Basically the second level below a tab or link to screen top level view. That second level ties the details layout to the sheet and retains it throughout the app, so anytime you link to the details view of that second level, you would be able to access the same inline list, with the independent layouts, within that detail screen.

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