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Hi there,

Would anybody be able to help out with inline lists? I have three separate categories. However, each one uses the same input, meaning that I can’t change things around.


When you are pointing to your inline list, on the Options tab, you will see a way to filter – so you can filter to keep certain categories out of the list, you can Group By category, and you can sort by Category. If none of those options is sufficient, you can end up with an inline list for each category.

Not sure what you mean by “I can’t change things around.”



Can you explain more about this, ideally with some screenshots?

@David_Gabler’s suggestion would fit with the case that you:

  • Have multiple categories in a table, let’s say Dishes.

  • You want to display those Dishes in their own category.

The most straightforward way, in that case, is to use the Group By function, to group by the Category.