How to divide inline list

I have some 10 categories.
But I need to divide as cat1,cat2,cat3.
How to achieve this.

There is a native Glide feature ‘Group by’ (under options in the right hand pane)

Would that work in your case?


I have a product list and categories of 10 category

I have a 3 inline list.

I need to divide those categories into 3 inline list and display it separate in a this possible?
Any idea of what to do to get the desired result.

So let’s say inline list 1 will have cat 1, cat 2, cat 3; inline list 2 with cat 4, 5, 6, 7; inline list 3 with cat 8, 9, 10?

If it’s that way you can just do the filter based on the category column.

But Im displaying the categories say

123456 in 1st inline list
789 in 2nd inline list
11 12 in 3 rd inline list

In home page.can it is possible?

Yeah, you can just filter as I said. Have you tried it?