How to split inline list into smaller ones?

How to split inline list into smaller ones?

I will have sheet A, B and C.
I would like to display the elements of these sheets alternately, eg 3 elements each.

3 elements of sheet A,
3 elements of sheet B,
3 elements of sheet C
3 elements of sheet A,
3 elements of sheet B …

and that they should not be repeated

maybe I can do it by counting lines
and then display an inline list by filtering 1-3, 3-6, 6-9 and do it manually somehow …

Are you hoping the 3-3-3 belong within a single inline list?

No, I’d like to add a lot of inline lists to the details style to create something like a Facebook homepage.

If I add 1 inline list from sheet A, I would like the second inline list from sheet A to show different things.

This way I will be able to mix the content so that it is not monotonous.

(Details Style)

Inline list (Sheet A) - 1. part
Inline list (Sheet B) - 1. part
Inline list (Sheet C) - 1. part

Inline list (Sheet A) - 2. part
Inline list (Sheet B) - 2. part
Inline list (Sheet C) - 2. part

Inline list (Sheet A) - 3. part
Inline list (Sheet B) - 3. part
Inline list (Sheet C) - 3. part

Will there only be 9 inline lists?

I wish as much as possible

I have an idea but it’s a bit complicated to set up. I’ll see if I can get a working example of this to you by tonight.

Thank you Robert for your time

Complicated, but here’s what I came up with:

The explanation:

Copy it here:

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why don’t you just put row numbers and filter list >1 and <4… >3 and <7… >6 and <10… ?

Ya, was thinking that too, but it doesn’t allow for random. Also, what if there are thousands of rows?..that’s a lot of filters…

did he say that he wanna add lists manually, each list 3 items? also, I did not see anything about random… he mention “alternately”
there is nothing about the size of the list… so I assume these are some fixed items

Hm. I made up the randomness didn’t I…well, I created a beautifully unnecessarily complex solution. Ha!

Can also do this to save some typing on the filter:

Then it’s just =1, =2, =3 etc.


Thank you very much for your help, you guys are wonderful!

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