Few questions on multiple inline lists in 1 detail layout page

Hi gliders,

I’m trying to put 2 inline lists in one detail layout page but both my lists are very long and include many rows. Is there a way to limit the rows appear to let’s say 5 to each inline list and if the user wants to see the full list he would either expand or click the list and the full list will open?


You could add some sort of column to each list that you would only set a value for 5 rows (maybe a formula based on row number), then you could set a filter on that value. Then you could add a button to link to screen that would show the entire list. Otherwise I don’t think there is a built in way to only show a partial list of items.

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I’ve encountered this same issue. I’d love to allow specifying a limit for inline lists, after which the list would be truncated, with an easy way to view the entire list in a subscreen. We’ll think about how to offer this!

Thanks @david. Appreciate a timeline when you have one

This would be a great feature to have.