Understanding number of signed-in public users versus registered users?


I want to understand if signed-in user number is different from registered users? So for e.g. for starter plan, if I get 100 people registered would it restrict more users to not to register?

If signed-in users is number of users who are signed in to the App then does this means that maximum number of users who can use the App at the same time is 100 (for starter plan)?

You are allowed 100 users to sign in and use the app within a billing cycle. That count starts over at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

You could have 1000 registered users, but the first 100 that use the app within a billing cycle will be able to access the app. After that, the other 900 are blocked until the start of the next billing cycle.

Once that limit is reached for the billing cycle, then brand new users will be unable to register since they can’t sign in.

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thank you very much. So if 10 out of those first 100 users gets signed out still that won’t make way for new 10. right?

Yes, that’s correct. The number only resets on a new billing cycle.


thank you!

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