How is user limit kept track of?

I’m getting the error “This app has reached its monthly user limit. Please upgrade for more.” even though I only have 2 users on my Users table.

Does the user limit is counted based on how many accounts have signed in to the app instead? cause I think I’ve signed in with 3 other different accounts just for testing purposes.

I thought removing those users from the users table would ‘reset’ the user limit. Is there any way I can reset the user limit? or do I have to wait the whole month until my 2 users I want to give access to can sign in to the app?

Thanks for any help in advance!

It’s not based on the user table. It is how many unique users have signed in during the billing cycle or the past month.


Thanks for the reply. I’m okay with having 3 private users but I really need to provide access to other accounts, not the ones I used for testing.

Is there any way I can reset it? I tried duplicating the app and it didn’t work.

User limits are per team. Not per app. As far as I know there is no way to reset the user limit because there were in fact 3 unique user accounts that accessed an app within your team within your billing cycle. I think you’d have to wait until the end of your monthly cycle before you can sign in with different users.

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