Unable to save data on edit page

My app’s URL: https://go.glideapps.com/app/la5YRSU1ByyxeX7eOM3I
I have created an App to share information of school mates (An alumnus app). There are two main tabs - information on the Alumnus and a second sheet on the information about their family members. When editing the details for an individual the “Done” button does not get highlighted, hence the data does not get saved. However, this does not happen for my own data or while updating the data on children. I had initially set that only the logged in user could edit their row. However, I deactivated it for testing. I have checked all sharing parameters.
A copy of the App which I propose to share as a template, is working fine.

Could be that one of the fields isn’t getting the proper input (I.e. phone number entry doesn’t have a valid phone number entered, or maybe the email entry). The Done button should only be greyed out if a required field isn’t entered, or if a specific validation criteria isn’t met.

Thank you for the reply. I have not set any of the fields as “required”. Neither are the fields set to a format. All are set as text entry fields only. I had set a condition for “row owner” and editing rights for “logged in user” which I removed for testing. As I mentioned a copy of the app is working fine.

Hmm I’m not sure. I would start removing fields on the edit page one at a time to isolate which one is causing the issue. Maybe there used to be a condition that has since been removed, but for some reason the form is still requiring it or looking for something specific.

Thanks for suggestion. Will give it a try. Yes, I did have row owner as a condition which I removed. However it works on my page.

I wonder if there is a side effect bug when row owner is removed after being applied. I’ve seen other comments regarding something similar.


There is a bit of an issue after removing the Row Owner. Glide basically discards the data in the Row Owner rows. I think this makes sense due to the change of restrictions.

To get around this, I copied the data from the sheet into a “temp” sheet. I then removed the Row Owner attribute causing all the data to be discarded. I then pasted the data from the “temp” sheet back into the old sheet after the Row Owner removed. I believe this resolved the issue.


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Thanks Jeff, I think that might be the issue. Shall try inputting the data again or make a copy of the app with row owners removed.
A tip, therefore, would be to implement the row owner option only after the app has been tested and ready for sharing.

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Hello everyone. Regarding the “Done” button not getting activated - what KH suggested was correct. After beating round the Bush with re entering data, copying app etv, I went through each field and found one that was set as “required”. After unlocking it the problem was solved.
Moral of story: think of simple solutions.

Having said that, if there was a way of identifying which fields are marked as “required” debugging would be easier.

Thanks for all the help.