Unable to Open App (browser only) or Put on Homescreen with iOS

My testers report that they have been unable to open my app in the latest version of the iOS. It opens in their browser, but won’t open as the app, and the app can’t be placed on the homescreen. Thoughts?

This usually means they haven’t opened the app in Safari. They may have it open within Twitter, Slack, Chrome, or some other non-Safari browser.

Hmmm… I thought that someone running the older iOS was fine. I’ll check to be sure it is not user error. Thanks.

Also, you’ll have to tell us a lot more information in order for us to help. What types of phones? What iOS version? A screenshot showing how it does not work. Etc.

I brought this up a few days ago too. :slight_smile:

Here for your reference:

The only way that I can think about getting ‘around’ this issue is to either email the link into a recipient’s inbox (and pray that app doesn’t use an in-app browser) OR via SMS.

SMS will kinda guarantee a fix to the problem (I think) but it adds a load of complexity and potentially cost.

Glide can’t really fix iOS restrictions… I’ll continue searching for an answer. Until then either email / sms or a quick video explaining how users can open the link in Safari etc.

I make an inquiry if it has happened.
build a simple app.

and I am having trouble registering IOS users-
Has it happened to them? could they fix it? iPhone 7
iOS 10.2.1
Thank you for your advices

@Tuttografica Does this happen only on that phone? Does it matter which email address you enter?

Hi Mark, sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I didn’t get the notification.
happens on some iphone. not only with the specific mail.
he wanted to log in with the google account and he entered and the white screen came on.
I enter with safari and with crhome. the same happened in both cases.
In another client the same happened to me but I don’t know what characteristics your iphone has-

@Paul and others, I know this post is quite older but thought I’d share the work-around I use in my FB group: Post an image with the app’s customized link without the https://. Make the custom link something short & easy to type in/remember. Then, in the body of the post, I say to open their device’s native browser & type in the url, hit go!

@Tuttografica, I am pretty sure that progressive web apps are supported on iOS 11.2 or higher. Maybe the age of the device is the issue. I may be wrong though!

Megann, it’s probably because they have the software outdated.
thanks for your reply anyway.