Pin entry field with google button

My app’s URL:

Only a handful of users have reported this. Both opened through Facebook link then later by opening in safari. (Huge friction point)

What version of iOS are they on?

The new login screen requires iOS 13. I just tested opening an app in Facebook and it works on iOS 13. Unfortunately we cannot easily support older versions.

I’m on iOS 13.4 and my app is completely useless when visited from a Facebook link without manually opening in safari instead. Are there some best practices besides warning potential users not to use what Facebook automatically gives to them?

To clarify, completely useless means the apps pages are scrolled about halfway up preventing users from completing their profile and unlocking the apps features. So if they finally get past the pin via Facebook screen, there’s nothing but blank pages :joy:. I’m thinking of workarounds and all I have at the moment is manually inviting users via email.

Here’s something, but you would still have to convince all of your users to change their Facebook settings.

Thank you Jeff! I’ve updated my apps Facebook community on how to open via safari or chrome and stay away from facebooks in app browser.

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