Unable to delete Glide tables

When i select in my data editor (left under) my data sources i can see 3 Glide tables that i like to remove (delete). That isn’t possible because there “linked” to a project. The curious thing, however, is that i don’t have other projects (only one and there not linked to that one project) These Glide tables has a date of mid October… so there are not new.

Any thoughts?

Are you sure that you don’t have any other team folders that may contain apps that use those tables?

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Nope. No team folders or whatever…
Just one app and 3 Glide tables linked to a unknown app.

Hi Jeff, and thank you for replying.
Could i be an old project (app) that a had when i used Glide as a free user?
I recently upgraded to a pro membership… Just guessing… But for now i’m sure i have only 1 project, 1 app.

I’m not sure what could be the problem. I would submit a ticket to Glide support.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you. I have just submitted a support ticket.

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