Two lists, 1 page?

Searched a bit but wasn’t quite sure how to ask and didn’t find exactly what I’m looking for. So …

I have a community that can buy directly between one another.

I have a sheet called products to which everyone adds their inventory. Easy.
I have a form where people can indicate that what they’d like to buy from each other. Easy peasy.

Now imagine I’m Member A. I’d like a page that shows, at the top, what Member B said he wanted to buy from me. Easy. At the bottom of that same page, I want to see Member B’s products and to be able to check boxes to indicate which of Member B’s products I’d like to buy.

Make sense?

I created a many relation in the form sheet that lists all the products that Member B has in the Products table. I just can’t seem to figure out the bottom half of my page.

Thanks in advance!

I think we have to use “Inlist” feature here, no?

Thanks, @Muriel_Vandermeulen. I’ve created the inline list component but that simply creates a list. How would I create a list with checkboxes or some other mechanism to “select” multiple rows from that inline list?

Hi, maybe this could help; apparently, you can transmform your inline list in a checklist…


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Try @AyS_0908’s suggestion but make sure you write the values to the right column for the “checkout” part.

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

Getting closer. Now I think I need to modify my underlying table structure. The checkbox appears checked for another TRUE/FALSE field, which makes no sense in the current context. Which is the issue @ThinhDinh noted. Thanks, @AyS_0908

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