Many to Many Reference w/ List Selection


I am having a hard time in trying to realize the following idea:

  • Have a List of People with Contact Details ( John, Tom, Mike )
  • Have a List of Events with Dates ( Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving )

No I would like to open the Event and select the people joining it ( best with checkboxes or a dropdown selection etc. ).
People <-> Events is a many to many relation.

I already introduced a helper sheet as combined reference named PeopleEvents.
( John | Christmas , John | Easter , Mike | Christmas )

But somehow I do not find a solution to open my event ( Christmas ) and select the participants from a List.

I thought probably someone can help?

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The only solution I can think of with whats available would be to either establish a set number of people that can attend an event (a column for each attendee) in your PeopleEvents sheet, then create a Form Button with multiple choice components to select each attendee in each individual choice component. The other option is to use a form button to submit each attendee individually. I know neither are ideal, but that’s all I can think of with whats available. The closest component would be an inline list with the checklist layout, but the checkboxes only pertain to the sheet that’s used for the list. You can’t load the checked values into another sheet. Would be a handy feature though.