Trebuchet Method - Multi selection in many to many relationship tables

Hi everyone! I tried to use @Lucas_Pires - @Robert_Petitto Trebuchet Method (seen here: Shared "User Specific" Lists Between Users!) to create a multi selection interface, but it seems to work only referencing the logged user (row owner).

In my case I have life events and I have family members to be associated to these events. So each family member could be associated to many events. When I open the list of possible family members to be associated to a specific event, the relation column of events inside family members table have many entries, so I could not reference back to the event I was trying to add.

As seen in the method, I want to click in a family member in the list, and an action would just update the family member array list inside events sheet.

Is there a way to temporarily store the event ID to reference later inside the action? Thanks

Hey, Andre. But if you’re using row owners, this was made to not see the other users infos. Secure method.
You gotta remove row owners to work as you want

Yes, I’m adapting the method a little bit, there is no row owner in my implementation, since the family members are already filtered. The case is I’m adding those columns (temporary item, item template, split itens etc) in family member table, but, since he can be in more than one event, I couldn’t reference back to the event I’m adding him