Multiple choice component to dynamic inline list

Bonjour, je souhaites créer une application pour mon équipe de sport, je n’arrive pas à utiliser les relation entre 2 colonne de 2 feuilles, peut être un problème de date? (j’y arrive sur Notion ! ) si quelqu’un connait un bon tuto.
Il s’agit de mettre les présent sur chaque match !
Deuxiement je voudrais qu’on puisse mettre directement sur l’application qui est présent du style chaque match il y la liste des joueurs et quand on clique dessus apparait présent ou absent et cela met le joueur présent entre 2 lignes !

voici mon app :

Merci d’avance si vous avez des pistes d’aide !

Bonjour @erwan_NOURRY , qu’entends-tu par :

cela met le joueur présent entre 2 lignes !

Re @erwan_NOURRY

Voici un petit exemple d’app avec des onglets Matches et Joueurs. Ce ne sera évidemment pas exactement comme tu le souhaites et tu auras probablement structuré tes tables différemment, mais tu y trouveras peut-être des idées.

App Matches & Joueurs
(tu peux la copier)

Quant aux tuto, je te recommande les suivants :
Subcategories & Hierarchies

Question about displaying an inline list generated by a multi-selection choice component.

App Matches & Joueurs

Here is the setup in the table :

Case 1: choice component the source being “Joueurs disponibles” (relation of case 2) → comma-separated text column → split column to generate array → relation to generate a table → inline list in the UI. In the app, when playing around with the multi-choice, the inline list does not react in real-time. It’s hit and miss. It only works reliably if only one chip is selected and deselected. The inline list does update nicely when I go back a screen and enter again the same detailed screen.

Case 2: choice component → comma-separated text column → filter on the available choices by “name of relation (choices available) included in choices comma-separated text”. Case 2 works like a charm.

I expected Case 1 to work fine as well. In fact, I prefer “filtering” at the table level rather than in the UI. I’m a little disappointed Case 1 isn’t working well. Would someone know how to explain why Case 1 isn’t working as I expected?

I’m curious. If you watch the data view on the left hand side, do you see the relation updating as you select different chips? ie. Is it just that the inline list is not always properly reflecting what’s going on in the back end? I’ve experienced (and reported) this behaviour, and I believe it’s a bug with the Inline List component.

Edit: Here are a couple more things to try. Neither of these will fix the issue, but they might help confirm that you’re hitting the same bug that I’ve seen.

  • Firstly, create a rollup column that gives a count of the filtered rows through the relation. Then add that to the screen with a text component. Then watch what happens. You might find that the filtered count always updates instantly, even when the inline list gets “stuck”.

  • Secondly, add a few more rows of data. Enough to cause the filtered inline list to extend past the bottom of the screen. Then whenever the inline list gets “stuck”, try scrolling down and watch what happens. If it’s the same bug, the inline list will immediately update as soon as you start scrolling.

bonjour, un grand merci je suis repartis de ton app et tout semble fonctionner !
cool et encore merci.


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Avec plaisir :slight_smile:

Quand tu dis “Tout semble fonctionner”, quand tu vas sur l’onglet Matches et sur la details screen d’un des matches (par exemple le 1er), tout fonctionne correctement quand tu sélectionnes et déselectionnes les joueurs disponibles ? Chez moi les données se mettent à jour en temps réel dans la table, mais pas dans la UI. Merci pour ton feedback.

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Merci pour ton message en message privé, content que l’app fasse l’affaire :+1:

N’hésite pas à effacer les données test que j’ai mis dans l’app. Pour se faire, dans les tables de données, coches les cases dans la toute première colonne de la table et fait un “supprimer” sur ton clavier.

Quand tu te rends sur la details screen d’un match, tu y vois 2 composants (“component”) pour afficher les joueurs présents. N’oublie pas de retirer le composer qui ne fonctionne pas :

The data updates in real-time very nicely in the table.

I like both methods, and as Jeff would say, at least one works, but for some reason I prefer case 1 (in orange), which happens to not work well. It feels cleaner to me that the UI request the correct data in the table (case 1), rather than request too much data and then filter on it (case 2).

Which components uses which fields

Video showing the bug if it is one
Multiple choice component to dynamic inline list
(sorry I’m kind of rambling, I don’t know how to do these videos)

Multiple choice component to dynamic inline list

That does look like the same bug. Have you tried my second test case?

Darren, you are absolutely right. I didn’t even add data to the table, I simply added two large separator components to the screen to make it long enough to get my screen to scroll. And lo and behold, no sooner do I initiate a fraction of a scroll does the faulty inline list correct itself.

I had noticed this before but ignored it until now, I thought I was doing something wrong.

I’ll create a little video to show, but I think you know exactly what the behavior is already.

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Is that just a sample app to demonstrate the effect?

Maybe you could share it with @SantiagoPerez and he could get the engineering team to have a look. Would love to see this bug fixed, has been causing me a world of pain in one particular app.

Erwan above had questions, and in this case for me it was quicker to build and show than to explain. So yes it’s a sample app.

Overall I think the videos and screenshots are fairly self explanatory. Once I have the little video I’ll share with Santiago, good idea.

If both methods end up by working, the next “dilemma” will be to decide which one performs/scales better :slightly_smiling_face:

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A smaller app where we can see the bug in action is always the way to go.

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