Cheakout mimic page - (Put component on top of another)

Hey Gliders, I wonder if i can put one text component on top of another. I´m trying to emulate a cheakout page with the products, quantities and prices all in the same line, but I can´t figure out how to do it! If anyone can help me I´ll be very grateful

Hola @Nicolas_Sicard

Take a look a this post. It might give you an idea.

Is your joined list coming from a relation? I would probably just use a compact inline list instead of a table component.

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You can use a template column to create title for that table… but how did you get 12 out of 1 and 2 ? It should be 3…

He’s just displaying the joined list column value. It’s not a math or rollup column. The delimiter appears to be a carriage return.

I already did this, is not the most pro solution but works for me meanwhile ! I use a template column ;). Thanks!

Great! But I couldn´t use it I don´t know why ahhahaha :man_facepalming: Thanks for your support!

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