How To display multiple components like checkboxes on one line

Hello. Hope you are well. Is it possible to display multiple components like checkboxes on one line? I have a number of checkbox components and they are all on separate lines. How can I have two or three checkboxes on one line? I tried placing them in a table but this did not work. Also when you use the table component the first column text is much brighter than the second column information. Can this be adjusted or what is the work around other than having a template?

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So it would be something like.

:white_check_mark: Content A, :white_check_mark: Content B, :white_check_mark: Content C?

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Hello. Yes. But without the commas .

Also buttons, maybe with text between them would be useful

I think a template column is the closest you will have.

I’m curious to know how to @ThinhDinh. To display button or images with html is ok but for Glide checkboxes ?

I’m imagining something with If Then Else columns.

If Content A’s boolean column is True then :white_check_mark: Content A, else :x: Content A.

Same for the other Content B and Content C etc.

Then you have a template column to join them all together.

Does that make sense for your case?


Ok. Thank you for the quick response. I have like 10 checkboxes that a user can select . Will look at using Join and Template to get two or three on a line. :pray:t5:

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