Stacked inline list component tiers

Hello everyone! I have stacked inline lists that are three deep, let’s call them Categories > Topics > Subtopics > Details. Most of the categories have a fourth level, or Details, that is made of rich text components. No problems so far. However, some of the Topics do not have subtopics for that third level inline list and need to have the Details rich text components in the third level. Is this possible? I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks very much.

Put a rich text column on each sheet that would have one. Only fill it when necessary. Components that are empty will not display. What does your sheet structure look like?

Thank you. I realized I had the Details for the Rich Text Component on an independent sheet like I had been doing for all of my Categories, Topics, and Subtopics. Because of that, I could never find them as a source column in the Rich Text Component selector field. So I moved the Details to the corresponding Subtopic sheet and now can insert them. However, they are an unordered list themselves which prevents me from double spacing in between each Detail (as I have found from testing and reading through the forums). I am able to put each of the Details sentences in their own Rich Text boxes to create that double space I want. Thanks so much for spending time responding to this. I really am enjoying building an app with Glide. It’s pretty great!

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