Styling of inline list text

I need to make the title and detail text look the same. Currently the title text in bold. I cannot see a way to change the styling on those inline list text categories. Is there any way to access the stylesheets or customise these?

There isn’t really much choice over font size and styling. You just need to play around with different options, or maybe use a template to join multiple columns together in one column to display in only the detail text.

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Can you point me to a tutorial for using templates in this way. I found a section on using array columns to join columns, is that equivalent?

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Hi, please ignore last question. I worked out using template column to join the two column texts together. Now they can both be accessed through ‘details’ as you suggested. Unfortunately the inline list does not have a way to do a line break, so the text of the second sentence is not visible as the two sentences effectively become one long sentence. This defeats the object. Is there a workaround to force the sentences to be on two lines?

Make the title field for the inline list blank, and use text fields for the title and subtitle.

Thanks Tim, Sorry I’m confused. I cant seem to select blank for the inline list, it just has a choice of columns to select from (no blank option). There also seems no option to add text components, only the option to choose what columns to use for title, details, caption and image. I am obviously missing something here?

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Take a look - I did a quick vid.

Actually you can save a step and not have to go back to the sheet if you add a “Text” component:

Tim, thankyou so much for taking the time. The videos were very helpful in understanding how the label system worked. Actually though my question referred to styling the text in the inline list itself. I am really sorry if Ive misunderstood something. I basically need the title field and details field to look the same in terms of weight. At the moment the title is bold and the detail lighter grey and smaller. I have tried joining both columns together using a template column in the data editor. Then the combined sentences have the same look but the second sentence Isn’t visible because you can’t force a line break.

I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a while. Tiles without the images

go to and upvote Article list layout.

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You’re welcome for the videos, but I apologize for misunderstanding the question. Currently there’s no way to change the attributes of the individual list components the way you are describing.

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