Customise Inline List Data element font styles

Is it possible to customise the font styles of the data elements (Header/Title/Details) of an Inline List component?

In the example below, ideally I would like all elements to use the same font style/size/colour…

The example above is using the Cards style, but I have the same challenge with the List style.

Is there a workaround or alternative to achieve what I’m looking for?


I imagine you can only do this with CSS Styling in a rich text.

Hi @ThinhDinh,

I have a follow up question.
As a workaround to this, I decided to create an additional column that contains a concatenation of the three surnames, and then display this as the card title, like so:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.13.16 PM

These values are user-editable, so if a user changes one of the names, I need to have this column recalculated to reflect the change. To achieve this, I wrote a trigger function that would fire when the backend sheet was edited. This works, however the sync delay causes confusion because the change is not immediately reflected. So I really need to have this column calculated within Glide.

So, my follow up question:

Imagine I have an array column with 3 names, ie. ['Joe Smith', 'Fred Bloggs', 'Sam Spade']
Is there a way within Glide to define a computed column that would appear as 'Smith, Bloggs, Spade'?


Does the DeChambeau, Snedeker, Gay part of your concatenated text lives in different rows or different columns?

I imagine you can have a formula to split just that part from the name, then join them using a relation > joined list.

Regarding your question, I think you can only do that via an arrayformula in Sheets.

Hi @ThinhDinh,

Below is how the data looks in my sheet:

I have a function that calculates the value for column H, based on the values in columns D,E,F. (It just splits the values, and then joins the 2nd elements).
Via my app, users can edit the values in columns D,E,F, and when this happens the function triggers and the value in column H is updated.

My issue is that because this happens in the GSheet, the change isn’t reflected in the app immediately.
So what I am looking for is a way to shift that function from the GSheet to the app.

From what you said, it sounds like this isn’t possible?

If you have a different structure, let’s say the users have first name and last name in different columns then I imagine it will be instant.