Format an inline list

Is there a way we can format items within inline-list?
Such as:
(1) Color code the title of the list (without of course placing it in a separate column variable, insert rich text, add html-tags, etc.)
(2) move the list by one or two tabs

Here’s an illustration

If you are not willing to take the rich text approach then I don’t think there’s a way to do it. If I recall right CSS tricks do not work with details layout as well.

Usually for these cases I just add a rich text and do whatever I want with the text there.

Thanks ThinDinh, May be this would work for the titles, but then how to format the list items within!! such as make italic, tab to the right, etc. Will add it to new feature request as wish list.

It won’t work with the list items. If someone else can chime in with an idea I would love to listen as well, or else you can add it as a feature request.

Have a nice day!