Dynamic checkboxes list in a form

Hi guys,
I want to build a dynamic checkbox list and embed it in a form in the following way:

  1. Table 1 consists of and contains a list of items, saying “customers”
  2. Table 2 contains a list of categories, but this list may grow over time
  3. Table 1 “new item” form will include a list of all current categories (taken from table 2) in a checkbox format, and the ticked categories will be linked (relation) to table 2

What’s the best Glidey way to do that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The best way would be to use a choice component with a radio button style and allow to select multiple so there are check boxes instead big radio buttons. Trying to accomplish it with a list becomes to complicated.

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Thanks Jeff,
Just to make sure I understand your point - do you suggest having all these options as part of table 1, as individual columns?
If so, this might be a performance killer :zipper_mouth_face:

No, he means use a choice component to display the list of items. When they get selected (checked off), they get written as a CSV of values in a singular field. From there, use a split text column to turn that CSV into an array column. Then you can use a relation column to relate that array column to your categories in table 2.

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