Checkbox/Select List in Data Table

Hello all, wondering if anyone has experience creating a checkbox/select list in a data table?

The use case is an admin user will add a new row to a data table, when they get to the ‘Products’ column of that row I want them to check/select products from a list versus having to type the product names each time (introducing potential typos, spelling/capitalization, etc.).

I tried the ‘Lookup’ option, which will grab a list of products from a different data table, but it doesn’t give the user the option to select the values, just presents them all.

Hopefully that makes sense, thanks in advance for any help.

How about a choice component with the multi-select option enabled?

Thanks Jeff, is there a way to get a choice component in the ‘data’ section of the app?

No, but would you need it in the data editor? Wouldn’t an Admin be using the app to add rows in a formal form?

I see what you’re saying, it’s not so much of an admin submitting a form, I’m setting up a big list of user personas and wanted a more controlled way of selecting what products the users tend to use in the data editor. The selections would just populate the persona template with that list of products. I think I can probably just do it by typing/pasting values, but a pick list would future-proof it a bit more.

You might find it easier to prepare the list outside of Glide (ie. in a Google or Excel Sheet), and then use the CSV Import option to add it to Glide. That’s what I normally do when I want to add a bunch of data quickly. You can even copy/paste from an external source if it isn’t too much data.