Picklist - Drop down list for the backend data editor

I run a jump rope team and my app is full of different jump rope videos. I would like to assign certain kids, certain tricks to work on.

I have it all set up so that within the app, I have a choice component that pulls from a list of all of my athletes. When I’m in the details screen, I am able to choose which kids should work on that skill.

BUT it’s too time consuming, as I have hundreds of videos and 30 kids.

What I would like to do initially to get things set up and going, is to work with the data table to enter the names of students for each skill.

Is there a way to access a pick list in this manner?

Also, extra credit if there is a way, from in the details screen to have the kids names spaced out? (see pic)

Thanks - Rene

Not really. I think the best you could do is prepare the lists outside of Glide and paste them into the Data Editor.

You could use a template column that replaces a comma with a comma + space.

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Thanks Darren. I think I’ll just pull the data into excel, add my names and then paste it in. Thanks for the help on formatting! Great idea.