Making a list based on choices

Hello eveyone. Once again I’ve come up with another interesting problem.

My scenario: I have long list of persons who can perform a job. I need to make a list of those who are available to do said job.

I have a choice component to pull from that long list. I would like that for every name that I choose, to be added to the available persons list.

Choice: Long List of Persons
List: Person A
Person B
So forth…

Anyway I can accomplish this in Glide? Or is this some spreadsheet magic? As I’m writing this, some spreadsheet ideas pop in to my head. I was thinking along the lines of a Form Submit button…

I think I know where to start. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Happy Gliding.

My best guess would be to select a job and an individual person, then submit use a form button to submit the job and name to a sheet. The other option is to build a sheet that contains each Job, Name and Availability. Then build a relation from the job details to the new sheet. Then you can add an inline list of names and you can check off each name that’s available for that job. It’s a lot of rows but would probably work the best.

@Robert_Petitto is using a method here that I’ve never seen before. I can’t fully see how he is doing it.
I’ve used the transpose method:
=transpose(split(concatenate(arrayformula(split(rept(unique(Coaches!B2:B) & "\|", countif(Choices!D2:D ,"<>")),"|"))),"\")) but it has limitations if the length of the string you are splitting and transposing gets too long (I think 50,000 characters)

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I’ll look into your suggestion. Thanks for thinking about it.

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