Try to have time/date auto added to a new row

Hi using Zapier to push data to my sheet, and not able to pass date/time automatically,

Have tried a few scrips none work. The best I get is the row is added no time date added. I delete the row and it adds the time or date, which is not what is supposed to happen. Have not been able to get one to add the time date with the new row.


Zapier can add the current date/time within your Zap:

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Thank you. I looked within the zaps, I should have searched their help first to see.

Any way for me to pass the username with the zap? I am trying to build user data for their profiles.

Thanks again.

If you are viewing a record that contains the user’s email, then you could pass email as one of the parameters to Zapier.

Unfortunately that won’t work. Need to be able to bring it in as a special value like in forms.

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