Zapier Glide->Sheet

Hi all, I have a problem with exporting values ​​with Zapier, I created a Zaps which, when a certain value is entered, copies it to a Google Sheet (not connected to the app) the problem is that if I subsequently change the value, Zapier doesn’t change that. What other Zaps should I create?
Thank you

If you change the “value” from an edit screen, you can fire a Zap every time an “edit submission” happens (on-submit). Send all values you need, plus the rowID. Search for that rowID in Zapier and update the values accordingly.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I think I have a problem in this screen and I can’t find a solution

Does the Lookup module in Zapier the same as “Search”? If it gives you a row number then I imagine you can use it there.

Alternatively, for better pricing, you can use Make (formerly Integromat).

Thanks again but I haven’t arrived at a solution, with Zapier I can insert but when I change nothing happens (I attach screenshot) while with Make despite the scenarios working it doesn’t insert anything. I don’t know…

Can you show me how you’re setting it up in Make?

Of course!

Sorry but this was still Zapier, isn’t it? I thought you tried to use Make.

Anyway, wouldn’t you want to have the row number here instead of “Zap Search Was Found Status”?