Add a value to my Zapier action, then lookup for row in spreadsheet


Where is my mistake ? I am trying to send a value to my Zap via Glide, but it either doesn’t seem to work or I am missing a step/understanding.

I would like to send an email to Zapier via a Glide Action, lookup for this email in my spreadsheet where the column “in progress” is set to TRUE then update the column “in progress” from the row found to FALSE.

I just cannot make the lookup work using the email form the glide action, or I just don’t understand how to make this work.

Here is how my Zapier is setup:

Thanks for your help.

Try selecting this (in the update row), I have an identical zap and wasn’t working until I selected row this way.

Thanks for your answer, but after trying to have the value directly in the zap, the one I am tryingt o match for the to lookup, it works. using Val1 from Glide doesn’t work, I am sending via Glide as Value 1, which is the owner, doesn’t work and I cannot debug, writing that same email instead of using value 1 from glide works.