Clearing a sheet field for an owner

My use case is as follow …

This is a private Pro app.

The User enters a 5 letter code into a field and hits a button. This gets sent to Zapier.
The field is on a row with a Row Owner of their email.
However the field is a one-time code, so I want it to be reset to spaces when they have entered the code.

Is this something I need to do in Zapier ? Or is there a way to do this in Glide ?


I think you can add extra steps: send the email of the row owner to Zapier as well, then go back to the sheet, find the row that matches the email, update that value to empty.

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Thanks. Doing it in the Zap works. It is a little slow to update but can live with that.

I think I was looking for a way for Glide to directly update (via an action) a s/s row. But that doesn’t seem possible so doing things via Zaps is cool for now.

It doesn’t actually work though, does it.

The Zap updates the Google Sheet, but the Glide data doesn’t update (even with a Pro plan and refresh turned on).

So it is a bit useless really. Waiting around until Glide decides it might like to do a refresh of the data isn’t acceptable.

Sadly it seems that using Glide for anything “Transactional” with a user is simply not possible.

Have you played around with compound actions in staging to see if that would work for you?

This is the first I have heard of staging :man_facepalming: :blush:

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You’ll find it mentioned every now and then in the forum. Sometimes Glide will throw things they are working on into staging for everyone to play with. Or if you’re lucky, you’ll find a new feature and get to be the first to share with everyone else. :wink:

Here’s some info on the Compound Actions that @Robert_Petitto has played with.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Now I see it all the time, not sure what I thought it was before. Is this the secret thing that is being revealed next week?

Will certainly have a look. I think the ability to directly update rows will be the key.

Have tried it several ways in the current version, and I just don’t think it is possible to do …


User enters Code. Button pulls back a maximum amount that they can redeem (from API).
They can then enter an amount between 1 and that maximum
Button then sends code and selected amount to another API.

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