Truncated data?

Testing out an app in Pages using a free plan. The data is from Google Sheets. The first sheet, which is displayed in the app, has 221 rows. The second sheet, which is not displayed in the app, has thousands of rows. All 221 rows show up in the first sheet, but in the second sheet it only shows 279 (which adds up to 500, the row limit). Every sheet after that (sheets 3, 4 and 5) is truncated at 10 rows.

Is that expected behavior? I had understood that only rows that are used in the app count. I would like to use data in sheet 3 which would still be under the 500 row limit, but only the first 10 rows are there…

That is the expected action. When you sync with a sheet it doesn’t matter whether you are using the data in your app or not, it limits the sync itself to 500 rows.

So is this no longer true:

or am I misunderstanding the distinction between syncing and pricing…

I’m not sure I understand the reason for truncating the data, since one cannot publish an app that displays more than 500 rows on free plan. That seems like a sufficient limit…

Strange–those tables should show up to 500 rows on the free tier.

In the data editor. combined the first two do. But after that it’s 10 rows each. Are you saying David each one should show up to the first 500 rows?

Yes that’s how it should work I believe.

I think you would know. :wink: Let me see if it’s something on my end. Great app by the way!

So, I’ve test further and the result is the same.

Google Sheet with two tabs; Sheet1 and Sheet2.

Both have more than 500 rows each. Sheet1 shows up in the data editor with the first 500 rows of data. Sheet2 displays only 10 rows. Assuming the rule is 500 rows total across all tables, that’s odd behavior. Either the second table should show the first 500 rows or it should show none. But if what @David has said is correct, of course I should see 500 in each.

The real issue is that once you create the app with a table of more than 500 rows as the first sheet, there’s no going back, even if you don’t use that sheet in the app. I have one page in the app, and it’s calling data from sheet2, not sheet1. But sheet2 is truncated to 10 rows, so it’s unusable (even for testing purposes). Syncing the sheet again doesn’t fix it.

It should be 500 rows total across all tables that are actually used in one way or another by the app. Are you completely sure that your app is only using one table only? If any other table is used in any way, including forms that add rows to those other tables, or relations that refer to those other tables, then the rows in those other tables will be counted. I would open those unused tables in the glide data editor, click on every column header, and choose “Find All Uses” to make sure nothing from those tables are used somewhere in your app.

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@Jeff_Hager good thought. I hadn’t created any relations or forms and I triple checked that with one page and one component that the component was only set to sheet 2.

Today, I went in and suddenly it’s working correctly. So…I think it was just an issue of the app syncing slowly after I deleted sheet one. I blame the google sheet.


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