To make filter and sum amount

I want to make filter in Form and display sum amount of data at the bottom. How to do so?

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Do you want to imitate the native buy button experience considering what you said in other threads? How will people pay for their order afterwards?

I tried to use buy button already. Unfortunately, I don’t stay in USA.

I mean are you trying to imitate a buy button experience? What have you configured so far (app screens & data tables)?

Ah, so that’s why I couldn’t find the buy button. Is this a US feature only?

Stripe is available in many countries, but you must be a on a paid glide plan to use it.

(Hungary is listed)


By the way, I am here in Thailand. It’s excluded.

It’s just for some countries that Stripe exist. Anyway, can you share how to do sum amount at the bottom?

I tried to do a rollup but it summed all records. Not just my filtered data.
Is it possible to lookup value by specific data like in Excel ? It will be helpful.

You will need either:

  • A relation to your data and then do the rollup using that relation.
  • Or create an IF column that returns the value you want to sum, based on similar conditions to your filter.

Which method depends on how your filter is currently set up.

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I am seeking for some methods similar to sumifs as in Excel. IF in this case is not possible. It will turn only that record. Relation should be worked, but didn’t. If Relation works, I can sum them by using rollup.

Either of the methods that Jeff mentioned will work if configured correctly.

If you can share some sample data and explain how you currently have your filtering setup, we can provide some more specific guidance.

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Great. Please visit my Google sheet with this link.

In transation sheet. There are so many records from customers. I record them line by line. And many details for any items. I use if-then-else to calculate amout in Glide. So, it can’t display in Google Sheet, but it displays in Glide sheet. Do you want to access my project ?

Can you show me how you are using that Transaction sheet in Glide (both in the data editor and in the app layout), and how you are applying filtering?

Are you just using the native filtering with an Inline List?

If you are, then it won’t be possible to have dynamic rollups. To get those, you need to implement custom filtering. Have a watch of the below video to get an idea how that can be done:

Yes, I did native filtering with an Inline List. I will try as you mention and update you asap. Thanks a lot.

I got your point. The sample in your vdo clip linked if-then-else from UserProfile. But users in my app mostly are anonymous and I don’t want them to log in by using email.
Please recommend solutions. Thanks a lot.

That’s okay. If your users are not logged in you can still use a similar method. But instead of creating the user specific columns in the user profiles table, you can create them in the Transactions table.

Anyway, if there is no login. It still doesn’t work.
And what will happen if there are some people try to use that filter at the same time? The rollup number still can be used?

That’s what user specific columns are for. Every user (signed in or not) can update the same column in the same row without affecting other users. You don’t have to use the user profile. You can use any table with user specific columns to store filter values.


I totally agree that email login is so important. Unfortunately, my users are anonymous. Not possible to login by using email.