To sum filtered data for specific user


My app is regarding loan management for staff, where many staffs take loan from few bosses. Here is a screenshot.

My goal is to summarize total loan for specific applicant, total loan given by specific lender.

Let kingvirus be applicant.

Loan Summary for Kingvirus.
Total Due:4000
Lender:Sk. Mamun Amount:1000
Lender:Jakir Amount:3000

Let Jakir be lender

Lending summary for Jakir
Total Amount:4500
Borrower:King Visus Amount:3000
Borrower:khanmda Amount:1000
Borrower:anupam Amount:500

I need your help. Thanks in advance.

You can make two relations for this.

One for the applicant column, matching all applicant emails in the same column (multiple). Make a rollup over that column to sum the amount for displaying.

Do the same for the lender column.

Applying relation for applicant column I can see all amount both Due and repaid. How to get only due amount.

Make a template joining the applicant email and the trans status, then make the relation & rollup on that column.

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You gave me easiest solution in no time. Thanks a lot.


Similar problem for me. Want to count how many times a value shows up in a column. And want to do it in Glide not GS if possible.

Got it to work. Thank you

I think I have similar problem as yours. I want to filter and sum amount of money in filtered data. How to do so?