Adding total of business received

I am developing an APP for a community of businesses which includes business (of course) and the public who will spend at the businesses.
When the public spends they will key in the amount spent and the business name they spent at.
So i have a sheet of users that include the business name and a sheet to track all the spending. That is spending is recorded one spending per row. User fill up data using form button.
By going to data editor and creating a relation between the name of receiving business and the business name in the user sheet, I can find out the business receiving’s user email.
With this user email, i can filter all the transactions received by the signed in user.
For example, company A receives on three different occasions $20, $15 and $$15. I can these transactions using inline list and filtering according to signed in user.
Now my question is: how do I get the total amount? i.e. add all three to = $50?

I hope you understand what I am trying to say and help to respond.
Thank you.

Make a rollup over the business name relation and calculate the sum of the money amount column.

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Thanks Thinh.

When I do a rollup, I can sum up all the transactions in the APP. In this case it is 140. What I wanted to do is sum up the total amount received by company A (for example). In my case, it would be 120 and company B would receive 20. See attached photo!

Appreciate any further instruction.

I have tried also to a relation to pull all the money received into one column. In this case I can get 100 20 next to each other, but I could not find a way to add the two numbers. Perhaps the column is meant to be just for display and not for mathematics.

Thank you

First you have to do a relation, I assume you already have it here.

Then you make a rollup, pointing to that relation’s money amount column and calculate the sum.

Thanks. Managed to roll up correct amount, but the same amount will appear for all the instance of money received by company…

When I display, it will display total many times. See photo.

How to filter out so we just display one total?

Kind regards.

If you want to display them, make the relation & rollup in the sheet where you store the unique business names, not the sheet where you store the transactions.

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Thanks so MUCH Thinh.
I managed to sort it out according to your suggestions.

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