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I feel like this is going to be something I will be kicking myself about when it’s pointed out to me.
I need to generate a summary table, where similar items are combined and the sum is given.
The table should say Apple (once) and Qty 3, as seen in the graph.

FYI I will be filtering the data based on employee.

Wouldn’t this mean the total for Apples should be variable, depending on which employee you are filtering by? (eg. 2 for Jeff, 1 for John).

Anyway, essentially what you want to do is start by creating a query column including the filters that you need, and then do a rollup->count via the query.

Note that this won’t work if you are using the In App filtering with the Chart. To do it in a way that the table and chart match up, you’d need to create your own custom filter.

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Thanks, Darren.
I must have had some misdirected Relations messing things up.
I was able to do as you suggested, both with a Relation and a Query.
Now I need to figure out the filters.

@Darren_Murphy you were spot on.
The query gave me the columns I needed in the data editor, however, I’m getting duplication on the Data Grid because I can’t reference the Query on that.

  • Add a RowID column to your table, if it doesn’t already have one.
  • Create a Single Value column, taking the first RowID from your Query column
  • Create an if-then-else column:
    – If Single Value RowID is RowID, then true

Now apply a filter to your Grid, only showing rows where the if-then-else column is checked.

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Like a charm. Thanks!
Seems like a lot of inefficiencies to overcome not having a feature here or there.

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