Title Bar Button Clipped

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Title Bar button is cut off at the top of the screen - top screen cap is from the Data Editor, bottom is from the phone it’s installed on


Expected behavior:
The Title Bar button should be fully visible

How to replicate:

Where to find it
Medications → Home Meds

Please submit a ticket.

I would love to but…



The “Support is not available for personal Apps” message suggests that your App is still in the old “My Apps” folder, and not in a new Team Folder under the current pricing model.

If that’s true, you’d need to move it into a Pro or above team before you could submit a ticket.

This is what my dashboard looks like…

What do I need to do to fix where my app is?

I think in your case, is because you are on a Starter plan. Email support from Glide begins with the Pro plan.

Yeah, as Jeff said it will be because you’re on a Starter Plan.

But, there might be a simple workaround to “fix” your issue.
Can you show me your component arrangement in the builder?
I’m thinking you might be able to fiddle with containers and/or separators to get rid of that effect.

@Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy

As always, thank you gents for consistently being so helpful and timely with your responses. I wish that there were a bunch of components to move and/or modify but I’m working with just one Collection:


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Okay, so try adding a Container to that screen, and then move your Collection inside that container.
If that doesn’t help, then try inserting a separator just above the Collection.


HA! It worked - thanks Darren! Just out of curiosity, shouldn’t there be an appropriate amount of padding built into the Collection component so that it doesn’t need to be dropped into a Container?

Yes, probably :man_shrugging:

But personally, I like to keep most components inside containers anyway. It makes it easier to manage visibility conditions and the like. And it also gives you a range of options for background effects, padding, etc.


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