Timezone displaying incorrectly

Hi Gliders, I am trying to get a simple timesheet app working. I have the basics functioning fine but the timezone is not working as it should. The time is off by +10 hours - GMT I am guessing. I am on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia GMT+10. My Google sheet is set to Australian time, my iPhone is set to Australian time but the Glide app sends the timestamp as “Z” from the Date Time fields. I believe that this is GMT. I thought that the app takes the timezone from the device? In this case it isn’t. I am a bit lost as to what to do to fix the situation.
I have attached some screen shots to show the issues.

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 4.44.29 pm

As far as I’m aware, there is no concept of timezones on glide. Yes, the time shows Zulu, but that’s just the ISO standard of writing timestamps. The time that is shown in a timestamp is the time that will show in the app, regardless of the timezone the sheet or app user is in. There is no conversion between GMT and the timezone of the user. If you enter a time of 4pm in the app, it will save as 4pm Zulu time and convert it back into the app as 4pm. Of you wanted to factor in timezones, you would have to manually obtain the user’s local timezone, convert the time to GMT ZULU time to save to the sheet, then convert it back as needed based on the timezone the user selected.


It’s not clear from your description and screenshots what the actual behaviour is that you’re seeing.
You show a screenshot from your GSheet with timestamps of 6am and 9am. How were these entered into the app? ie. 6am/9am, or 4pm/7pm?

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Hi @Jeff_Hager thanks for the insights. I have solved the issue by formatting the date in
Integromat using Z+10 so that the email confirming the shift is displaying the start & end times in the local timezone. Thanks

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Hi @Darren_Murphy - the GSheet image is the row added by Glide. It has a timezone of Z in the timestamp. I expected the timestamp to indicate my device timezone where I entered the data into the app. The email I send using Integromat automation shows the time converted to the GMT. I have fixed the email issue by using formatDate function & adding the timezone adjustment of Z+10.
So its all working. I just expected the device to send the location timezone & not GMT.

Hey Brad, have you found a way to unify timezone on Glide only for all of your users? i am having an app that has start and and time for each admin but because they live in different countries, the app confuses me by showing me different times! Is it possible to unify it? J need it, for example, to be per KSA?

As discussed in the other thread: