Timezone Conversion

I’ve created an events app that accepts events from different timezones. In my form I capture Date Time of the event and require them to choose their time zone. Each time zone has associated with it the + or - UTM in a second field UTM Offset.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to allow a user to choose their own time zone, then dynamically update the event times displayed based on their time zone.

Wondering if anyone has achieved this before?
Any recommendations if this is possible within glide or outside of glide via formulas?

+1 I have the exact same issue. I feel like I am so close, just missing this key puzzle piece.

Calling in the cavalary!
@Mark @Jeff_Hager
Each of you have had thoughtful answers to the timezone problem in other threads.

Our app involves users submitting their availability to meet. We want other users to view this availability from their own local time, hence having users select local time zones and passing everything through a standardized UTC date/time is essential.

In our app we will have users select their preferred country time zone and the date/time picker. Then I have a UTC Offset column corresponding to the time zone. The offset is in seconds, and can also be translated to hours using a Math function: SECONDS / 360.

The question is how to apply the offset (in either seconds or hours) to the submitted local date/time and create a translated UTC date/time.

I tried to use the Math function to add/subtract the offset to the local date/time (LOCAL + OFFSET), but it only shows the OFFSET number.

BTW, these were handy CSV data files for grabbing UTC offsets for standard time zones:

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Unfortunately Glide does not perform any date calculations. It just returns zero, so that’s why your result is only the offset number in the math column. I use dates and date ranges heavily in my app, so for now I have to rely heavily on google sheet formulas to perform any date compares or date math functions. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to deal with different timezones.

You may have to create several columns in your sheet to calculate the offset for each timezone from the entered date/time. Then possibly conditionally show different timezone data based on the user’s preferred timezone. You may be able to create a complex if/then column that will check each each offset to see if it matches the user’s selection and then return the date/time value from the relevant column that matches that offset.

According to my experience glide does not convert correctly the timezone according to the device settings. Take a look here: