🆕 "Respect time zone" support for Date & Time column in Glide Tables & Airtable

When you create a new Date & Time column for Glide Tables or Airtable, now you will get a “Respect time zones” checkbox, which is checked by default.

Before, Glide does not respect time zones, meaning that it will treat the world as if there was only one time zone. If you put in 10:00 AM, it shows us 10:00 AM everywhere, but usually that’s not the case. Now, the value will change dynamically based on the time zone of the device.


That’s neat - thanks for sharing

If there is a relation between a google sheet and glide table does that going to affect ? And how ?

My understanding is that this new feature only works for Native Glide Tables.


This is excellent news. Much appreciated.

I assume it will now be possible to inspect a user’s time and deduce the time-zone too… cool.

Yeah you can have a “UTC+0 column”, I guess, then just deduct the user’s “now” and that UTC column.


Hi @ThinhDinh! This is so helpful.

Saw your responses here as well: Date Time UTC.

Do you happen to know of any other ways to pull in the current UTC+0 time, via an excel or date function? Unfortunately our team is having some trouble implementing scripts (our fault, we’re not as well versed.)

Do you only need the offset between the user’s time and UTC+0, or do you need the name of the timezone as well? (say the difference is 7 and the timezone name is UTC+7)

Thanks for the response @ThinhDinh!

We are looking for the offset i.e. +7. We have some helper columns set up to do the math… but stuck on pulling in the current time in UTC value to compare the user’s local time against.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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Wow so simple! As always, thank you @ThinhDinh! Yes this is perfect.

Able to share link on how to use the format date. I could not find it in Glide Docs Glide • Quickstart


found already luxon - Immutable date wrapper

Am stuck in converting date time to ISO format using Luxon.
Anyone able to share how to do it please. TQ

Try this.



Or, this if you want the timezone offset instead.




the 2nd one with ZZ works well. thanks @Jeff_Hager