Display UTC time in Glide App in users Local Time

I have read a number of post about capturing a user’s Local time in the data sheet.
But I have a realy basic issue - I wan’t to store in the data sheet a single timezone (UTC), and to use the user’s phone or computer’s Local Time setting to display that date and time in the User’s Local time zone - pretty basic, I should think - but why can’t Glide apps cope with this.
The column in the data sheet is formated like this 2022-07-25T02:55:00.0000Z, but it displays the date/time in UTC regardless of the users device settings.

Thanks, Jeff for your email. All of the topics in the discussion board, (and I have read many before now) are about converting a user input which is in UTC time-zone in the data sheet. I don’t want to convert UTC in the data sheet = it is already in this format in the datasheet - what I want it to do is display the correct local date/time on the app in the users time zone.

It is really difficult to find the answer to this on any of the Glide Help docs, - but your solution; of adding GMT to the UTC time works. I did have to change the date format to text
as “MM/DD/YYYY, hh:mm:ss GMT” - but whow! it works.

Thanks for your help!

Here is a picture of the app

and here is a link to the app - as I say it is read-only and open to anyone without sign-in - So it shoud be in your time-zone where ever you are!.

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I’m assuming it’s working. I’m in Central Time US.

Jeff – absolutely – I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last 18 months.

Thanks so much for you help on this.

My next big task, is to localize the TV channels –


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