Time Zone and "Current Date/Time"?

I’m seeing auto-generated time stamps in the future from users in New York – I believe that would mean the current time is reflecting time zones versus UTC. Is that possible? I believe that’s a change?

Do you use “Current Date/Time” when you submit a form or reference it in a column?

Thanks for the quick reply – yes, current date/time in a form is what I’m using and would expect not to be time adjusted

Do you use a Glide Table for the destination table? I would uncheck “respect time zones” if you don’t need that.

I’m using google sheets as the destination. I’m not seeing that option there?

Current Time is usually based on the user’s device time, which is calculated locally on the device. It’s always been that way. The feature to respect timezones the @ThinhDinh mentioned is only available in glide tables, and what I think it does is store UTC time, but display time relative to the users local timezones.

Thanks - but in that case, how do you know the true time stamp of an entry? I don’t see an option to also log device time zone anywhere?

You can calculate the user’s timezone offset using the Format Date column, fill it with the current date/time, and use one of the following luxon codes to the the offset number.


Keep in mind that quite a lot of processing happens directly on the user’s device before syncing with the Glide servers. For that reason, we don’t necessarily have ease access to UTC or server time.

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