Connected Sheets - Respect Time Zones Checkbox/Option Missing

Hello! Wondering if the community here has come across this:

When we use a Glide table, the Date & Time fields allows us to check the “Respect time zones” box.

However, on our Google-connected sheets, that checkbox is no longer visible at the bottom of the menu (screenshot here):

We could not find any documentation on this… is this always the case for Google sheets? Or is this possibly a glitch?

And if this is just the case with Google sheets, what is the time zone handling for these Date/Time columns by default?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, this is always the case with google sheets. Glide Tables are more of a true database, which has proper date type columns. Google Sheets store dates as text, so I think it’s harder for glide to determine true timezones. If I were to venture a guess, Glide tables always store the underlying UTC time and the conversion is handled to display in the users local time. But in google sheets, the time is stored as if it’s the users local timezone, so there is no conversion.

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Thank you! That makes sense…
That option is valuable enough that we’ll probably consider unlinking from Google :+1:

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