Google Calendar Action not adding correct time from Google Sheet

I am using a Google Sheet with the time and date of the meeting invite, when I add the invite, it does not go to the correct time. Do you know what I can do or how to fix this?

Here is a loom video:

May we know what timezone are you in? Is it UTC-4?

I am eastern time zone New York - GMT - 5

Can you help me test this?

  • Create a new Glide Table with the same basic columns as what you have in the video.

  • The “Showing Time and Date” has the “Respect time zones” box checked.


  • You try to add an event to your calendar using the Google Calendar integration to see if it works correctly.

That works! But is there a fix for when using a regular GoogleSheet? I tried to adjust the settings on Google Sheet, Google Calendar but that did not seem to work.

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I think we’ll have to use a workaround here. Can you try:

  • Adding a JavaScript column in your Glide data view for the relevant Sheet.
  • Write “return p1”.
  • In the p1 variable, point to your date/time column.

Please let me know what it returns, I’m thinking we can leverage this to append a timezone.

I think almost there. Some reason the time is not converting correctly.

For example where it should be 6pm in the Showing Time. In the JavaScript time, it shows up at 22:00 which is 10pm. Is there anything I can add to the code to fix that? Maybe that can be a workaround. Here is what I put so far. Thanks for your help!!

Since you have ‘Respect Time Zones’ checked I believe that it stores UTC/GMT time as the underlying value and then does the conversion to the users local time based on their individual time zone offset within the app. If you are sending UTC time to Google, does it also do the conversion on Google’s side?

I think he has that date/time from Google Sheets, which does not allow you to check “Respect time zones”, the box was only checked from my example, which was on Glide Tables.

I believe this is the case. However I find it surprising that the JS column returns the timestamp in UTC as well, even if you don’t check Respect Time Zones. I can reproduce this.

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Yeah, I don’t know. Definitely seems to be doing something in relation to each of your respective timezones.

Reviewing the video again, I do see that the google sheet is applying formatting on top of the underlying date, so I’m not sure if that’s doing something to cause a problem. Also, the underlying date is not in a true ISO format. Just that alone could potentially lead to unexpected results. Maybe Glide is trying to interpret it into an ISO format and maybe using the timezone of the google sheet somehow. I don’t know. :man_shrugging:. I guess I’d like to see the dates stored in the sheet in a more stable format.