I used the Google Calendar integration and facing issue with the Time that I filled with the time it is showing on the calendar

Hey Glidder I used the Google calendar integration and applied it using the form submission to create the event in the calendar and the issue is that the time which I am specifying is not correctly updated on the calendar, let’s say for example I am specifying the time would be 09:00 am to 09:30 am but It get updated as 05:00am to 05:30 am which is incorrect, please If anyone knows why it is behaving like that ?

It’s probably a timezone issue. Is your timezone UTC+4?
What is your data source?

I don’t know how to check for it ?

Your data source?
Is it Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, Glide Native Tables…?

yeah, Google Sheet is my Data source. you are correct it is the time zone problem, my time zone is

Now, it will be visible to you I guess, so whatever the time that I am specifying the it get +05:30 ahead, How can it be solved ?, I changed it to the +0:00 universally but it is behaving the same

Can you show us the columns you’re using to populate the Google Calendar integration? Are they stored in Glide Tables, Google Sheets or somewhere else?

I solved this problem, Solution to this problem is we can make a new column named “New Start Date” where we can use the concat(start time, -5:30) Gsheet formula in my GLide app column and now I can use this column which will update the desired time in the google Calendar.

Wouldn’t you want to use the template column if it’s purely for concatinating info?