Google Calendar integration

The google calendar integration does not work 100%. I am not able to block for example 2 days from 17 - 18th when I use the 17th as start and 1 day as duration. (Durations brocken down in minutes)

Those three images show the problem.
The calendar ads 2 hours and I dont know why… and it does not work to block one full day, when I add just 24 hours as the duration… do you have an idea?

So which column here is your “start” column? I assume the first one? Based on that screenshot, are you trying to block from 17 April at 6AM to 18 April at 6PM?

I tried several things but YES, the 17 april is my start date… this is the one which is selected in the screenshot… When it is used it will be 17th and 2 am… when the next colume is used, it will be 17 8 am… so its adding 2 hours and I dont understand why… but the main problem is the duration… so its not possible for me to add one full day for example

What timezone are you in? Is your “start date” column’s “respect timezone” option turned on?

yes, it is turned on. I am mittle of europe… (CEST)


It does sound almost like Glide is taking your timestamp as GMT, then tries to convert it to CEST when it goes to Google Calendar (that’s possibly why it added 2 hours).

I’ll let the team know about this.

ok. So you mean there is nothing I CAN DO now right?

I let the team know via Slack, no responses so far, I’ll update you accordingly.

How are you determining the minutes?

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Hey, I use “date difference” and set start and end date. In the field “unit” you have to write minutes… than it works :wink:

hmm, I wonder if that might be failing for your regional settings. I’ve seen this behaviour before with other date related plugins.

Try using a math column instead with the following formula:

Trunc((End - Start) * 1440)

That should give you the same result as the Date Difference column, but will be more reliable.

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Ya I used date difference and didn’t see any issue as well. Thanks for coming back and clarifying.

Do you have an update here?

No updates, in fact Jeremy from the team already responded above, so I don’t expect any updates in Slack.

Did you try my suggestion?

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yes I tried it out. In general it works… but I thought glide will also solve the failure from their side. Best Andi

how to turn that on ?

When you edit a Date Time column, you should see the option to respect time zones there.