Calendar view for multiple events starting at same time

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The calendar view for a series of events (not event picker) is displaying with overlap.
Is this able to be fixed?


What device are you using for this?

i am viewing on both android and iphone - and creating on a PC.
This view is from the PC but it is the same on the phones :slight_smile:

It’s showing like this for me in the builder.

I see it too on Chrome on Android and Windows.

Everybody check the above link. Go to Summer 2020/2021 > Summer Calendar > Change the calendar view > Then go to December 18th.

@hPilbara I’m a little suspicious of what you are using for your Start and End times in the calendar settings. Can you show the values that you have in your sheet for all events on the 18th?

Safari on IOS

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Same view as @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager

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Chrome on Mac here, it’s showing the error as well.

Also seems like you’re showing the date picker to a date & time field so when you change it, it reverts to dd/mm/yyyy 00:00. And don’t show it to people without admin access.

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start finish 18 2

start finish 18 3

Which column are you using for your start date time and which column are you using for your end date time? How are you filling these columns? Are those columns being recognized as date columns in glide?

I’m a little concerned that you have what appears to be a valid start date time, but then you have the other time columns in 12 and 24 formats which may not be valid date time and is confusing the calendar. I also see times that don’t match what’s in the first column.

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Hi Jeff,
I have been entering these values on a goggle sheet by time in 12 hr eg 2:00PM which is what is recommended in the Glide Library. When I enter, they change to 12/24 hr.
Because I am in Australia, the date format is different, but I have changed this to US format ie month before day. There is some confusion when it’s pulled to glide, but it’s an easy fix in the data sheet on glide.
The start times and end times are all added the same. And, they are displaying to start at the same/right time. How do I enter it so that the events sit side by side and not on top of each other.
See here for start/end times and columns


So I am assuming that you are using the Start and Finish columns for your for your calendar start and end times. I assume there is a matching date, but it’s just formatted to show the time? I noticed that your Finish. Plumb is showing a clock icon and the Start column is showing a calendar icon. I don’t recall ever seeing the clock before.

Will you always fill data manually through the Google sheet? Will you ever enter dates through the glide app instead? It could possibly be the way you are adding dates in the sheet. Can you try changing the formatting for the Start and Finish columns through the Glide data editor to show both the date and time for those columns?

thanks for your help jeff,
i have tried to enter straight to glide app and i have changed to show both date and time, but the date auto populates to today’s (or whatever day i have tried) date. when i delete the date and try to enter the right date (i have tried multiple variations of date) it changes and then reverts back to today’s date.
I think i might just change the start times for 15 minutes later/earlier on the few entries that start at the same time.
once this period of events is over, i will trial different ways to enter with the next lot :slight_smile:
thanks again for your help!

I think that’s the whole problem. You just have times when it should be a date time. Maybe you still have some formatting in the google sheet that taking over and messing up any date time you enter in those columns. Maybe you would be better off creating new start and finish columns to test with.

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How do you manage to get this type of weekly calendar view in your app? The weekly view I get when I use the calendar component doesn’t look good compare to this one.

Thank you in advance.

That was a screenshot of the layout for calendar component in Classic Apps.

In the new Glide Apps, you would still have something like that on the mobile view.

Yes that’s the one I get. So impossible to get the old but sleeker view (with the “S 13; M 14; T 15; …” quick access) in actual Glide Apps system?

Thank you. In any case, the information you gave on this forum is helping me a lot in the building of my project. I’m new here (gave up using Bubble) and work on a CRM dedicated to help tattoo artists in French.



Yeah, they designed a new component for the new Glide Apps product.

Good luck and always feel free to ask questions in the forum.