Updated Calendar Layout

In case you missed it… the calendar layout has been updated and now has two new layouts that users can toggle between – a scrolling list of events and a more traditional calendar.


I never disliked the earlier layout but this looks fantastic. Congratulations team.


This looks great! I’m glad that the calendar immediately jumps to the current day as well as letting the user know when an event has passed with the color changes.

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Great! Is there a solution for part-time (like quarter-hour) AND/OR Parallel events at the same time?

You can do quarter hour, I believe the smallest interval is 15 minutes.

Parallel events are of course available, actually the bigger question is about preventing parallel events, which we have to make workarounds now.

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Here is an example of what I mean

You already have parallel events in the first screenshot, is that what you mean?

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 6.59.21 AM

Not sure where to add this, but I just noticed it. The z-index of the floating toggle button should be adjusted to appear behind the edit modal on the desktop view.


I’m using calendar view to display appointments. My testing shows that these times do not adjust when I change the time settings on my device. That is what I expected–that the calendar view is simply displaying the date and time in that date column. Can anyone confirm that’s the case?

Just missing the month, week or day view to make it perfect @JackVaughan! But so far, it looks great

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The date stored in the data is a fixed value, so that’s the intended behaviour I think.

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Super bacana.