Several problems with Calendar

Hello everyone!
There are several problems that I have faced integrating calendar component. Maybe you have seen such issues and could help. Any feedback is really appreciated!

First of all, this is how the component looks in Glide

And this is how it looks in any browser

Do you why this might be happening? I have already tried taking the component out of the container. Didn’t help

Secondly, different view modes seems like work incorrectly.

Here you can see that there are two Maths lessons are set for today for a user which is shown in a month view. Time is different

When we get to the week view or the day view, the second lesson is missing

What could it be?
Thank you in advance!

What’s the starting and ending time for the event that isn’t showing?

They actually are parallel meetings which have the same start and ending time

So basically you can’t set them aside from one another?

I guess so. Feels like they are layered one onto another one
And the fact that in all these events the names are barely visible makes the calendar hardly useful…

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This looks like a visual problem. Please submit a ticket.

For the other issue, I don’t know if Glide expected that scenario. As @Chananain said, Glide likely sees them as the same event for that time period and display only 1.

This visual problem is shown in all my accounts. In any apps. Isn’t it something that has to work differently by default?

What do you mean by “work differently by default”? If it’s a visual bug, it would be the same in all your apps.

Of course, I understand. I mean, this is a visual bug all glide users are experiencing. Is it how it was designed — to hide half of the name of the appointment?

If not, why then open a support ticket for a specific app?

Bugs aren’t restricted to a single app. If it’s a bug, then it’s a bug for everyone. It’s just that it may be more noticable to some people and not to others. You may be noticing it more than others because you have a lot more entries packed into a very tight time slot. These are the scenarios that Glide needs to see. I could have a calendar with a single entry where everything looks fine on the screen. If I create a ticket, then they are going to say… what’s wrong, it looks fine. They need to see how it looks in your app with your specific use case.

You can do nothing and hope that maybe something changes with the calendar someday, or you can create a ticket to make Glide devs aware of your specific problem and maybe have a slightly better chance of something being done to fix it.

Speaking from experience as a software engineer, it is next to impossible to fix a bug if I don’t know how to reproduce it, or that it exists in the first place. Create a ticket if you want something to be done. Examples and thorough documentation are priceless to devs when trying to fix bugs.


Makes sense, Jeff! Thanks!

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